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 Frame and Unibody Repair

Frame and Unibody Repair

Restore your frame and unibody back to prior-accident condition!

Simcoe Auto Collision Centre in Barrie, Ontario specializes in frame and unibody repairs

The frame is the main support of your vehicle acting as a main skeleton, whether minor or major damage has occurred to it it is highly important to seek frame repair service after a collision.

Our top three priorities are to return the vehicle to its original driving condition before the accident, ensure it looks great in terms of aesthetics, and most importantly, ensure all safety features of the vehicle are in working condition.

Most vehicles have been build with a certain method that placed the unibody on top of or around the frame, which leaves two key elements of your vehicle disconnected and at risk to more damage. However, major car manufacturers are changing this method by constructing cars with a unibody frame. This means that the unibody and frame are one and both are made of equally tough steel to limit how much potential damage could be inflicted.

Regardless of how your specific vehicle was built, Simcoe Auto Collision Centre specializes in both frame repair and unibody repair for all kinds of vehicles. Our specially trained technicians have years of experience and can repair a range of damage on your vehicles frame or unibody using advanced machinery. This ensures both frame and unibody will be repaired from almost every post-accident state.

For more information on the frame and unibody repair services available at Simcoe Auto Collision Centre Inc, please give us a call or visit our Barrie, Ontario location. We will help you move on after a collision.

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